Guide to Deposit Listings

I've been taking Deposits for Smock Dress Orders now so I thought I would create a little guide as to why and also what this means for you, when you place an order.

Timeframes Examples:

Your dress is then made within 4 – 6 weeks from the date you placed your deposit.

The final payment will be taken around the time that your order is ready to be shipped, so usually 4 - 6 weeks after you placed your deposit order.

Why Deposits?

I've found that deposits work better for a lot of reasons and here I'll list a few:

Taking deposits means I am able to purchase the fabric without having to risk not getting an order. I used to buy fabric in bulk and often not sell of all the fabric, so this system helps avoid that.

It also means you can split the cost, as I usually take deposits at the end of the month and then take the final payment at the end of the following month

Being able to buy only the fabrics I need saves time, which I would otherwise be spent driving to get the fabric every time and order comes in.

How do deposits work?

Deposits work just like any other order, as it is placed directly on the website. 

As soon as a deposit order comes in I start working on your order, so please let me know about any alterations when you've placed your deposit order. 

Deposits are non refundable, unless the fabric ends up not being available for some reason. With the deposit listings you are basically paying for your dress in 2 installments (Deposits + Final Payment + Shipping)

How do I place a deposit order?

I will make an announcement on Instagram when the next round of deposits willl go live. 

At the moment they're once a month. This will usually be a week timeframe, in which you're able to place your deposits.

You place your deposit via the website, by clicking on the deposit listing of each dress. Add as many as you like, and go to the checkout.

IMPORTANT - If you need to customise your order, such as short sleeves, longer or shorter length etc. Please let me know before or after you have placed your deposit listing.

Once you've placed your deposit and the orders close, I work on the dresses, which is why it's important to let me know about anything you want to change about your smock dress whilst you place your deposit.

Final Payments go live a few weeks later and you will receive an email letting you know.

Once the final payments are paid the dresses will be shipped within a week or two (This will vary and the listing will clearly say the Dates for the Final Payment and when the dresses are shipped.)

Any questions? Get in touch via